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The Voltset digital multimeter measurement instrument is a succesfully crowdfunded project, aimed at developing a completely new product category, which best can be described as a hybrid of industrial grade safety, bench grade accuracy, arduino like hackability, and yet low cost and mobile. Intrigued? Read on.

Designed to last

The build quality of Voltset seeks to provide a durable tool for generations to come. The case will be injection molded, with both hard plastic and soft rubber  on the edges, to make it shock resistant. Lastly, it is designed to comply to IP53 standards.





We understand the importance of a safe multimeter, and have gone over and beyond in efforts to ensure that Voltset not only comply to international safety standards for handheld measurement devices, but will also seek third party test and certification of this.

Voltset is not only designed to protect the user, but also the devices it is connected to, such as your smartphone.

Years of development has been put into optimizing the accuracy of the Voltset instrument.

Accuracy is determined at the beginning of the design process, and is affected by the choice of Analog to Digital Converter, Digital Multimeter Chip, passive components and other design considerations.

Voltset has been optimized to meet the initial accuracy specifications, while keeping the size as small as possible.

Design is only half of the equation, the calibration process is the other half, of which we only utilize  top of the line calibrators

Voltset is designed for makers.

3D print accessories to attach to the Voltset mounting mechanism, program tools with the SDK, or add Voltset as a highly capable DMM peripheral to your development board projects.

Voltset allow you to truly integrate it into your projects, by pulling data or pushing commands to the Voltset, from any third party device communicating through USB. 

Get the Bluetooth version, and connect to any devices wirelessly.

While we design the Voltset for you to customize, we also strive to make the most awesome experience for the most basic use. 

We focus on improving the experience of logging, min / max, graphing, easy share / transfer of data, integration of spreadsheets, and assisting the user with smart features, such as easy calculations or educational information.

To start, the Voltset Pro works with Android devices having USB OTG technology, and the Voltset Pro BT version will also work with iOS devices.

Data. Smarter.

Stream data online, 

 and complete work faster.

Technical specifications of the Voltset. May change.

Measurement functions Max Range Lowest Resolution Accuracy ±
DC Voltage 600V 0.001mV 0.09%
AC Voltage 600V 0.001mV 1.0%
DC Current 10A 0.001mA 1.0%
AC Current 10A 0.001mA 1.5%
Resistance 40MΩ 0.01Ω 1.0%
Continuity N/A N/A N/A
Diode 2.5V 0.0001V 1.5%
Capacitance 10.00mF 0.001μF 1.2%
Frequency 1MHz 0.01Hz 0.1%
Temperature -40.0℉ ~ 752.0℉ 0.1℉ 1.0%
Non Contact Voltage N/A N/A N/A
Fuse check, from app N/A N/A N/A

Voltset is designed for collaboration

Customize it for your project,

and optimize for your team. 

What would you use Voltset on?

Being customisable from the software standpoint means there’s a lot of potential both for your own Voltset app(s) and community-developed apps.
Marc, Electrical Engineering Graduate
Most important is the API and maybe your application as open source, to get a jump point.
I want to use it learn about Electr(on)ics while I am studying Computer Science. These subjects are so entangled, that I believe one has to study both to see a big part of the whole picture.
Manuel, Computer Science Student
I would like to use voltset in both work and on my hobbies. It will be used on radio communications gear, in many kinds of conditions during he work day and at home on my 3D printer building hobby and in circuit design and troubleshooting for my other projects. It needs to be rugged enough to withstand a workday and still perform at home.
Lachlan, Radio Communications Technician